ShubhAarogya already has a partnership with Public Health Foundation of India, (PHFI is a autonomously-governed public-private society) from whom we source the basic medical testing kits or Swasthya Slates used by our field staff. PHFI also trains our team routinely.

Our proprietary software and field staff can be used to build efficiencies into Government–run healthcare programs in a number of ways. For instance:

  • Run mass campaigns to deal with addictions, malnutrition etc’
  • Medicines distribution and management at PHCs
  • Creation & Management of Big Data-based rural health records
  • Delivery of health care campaigns and training sessions

Dr Sunil Raj
- PHFI Project Director

"The ShubhAarogya solution effectively combines technology with the human touch of health coordinators to create an effective health care solution appropriate for rural India. It is convenient, affordable and scalable. It could very well transform rural health care in India.PHFI which works with institutions in public health across India is happy to be associated with the solution."

Hospitals, Specialists and Physicians

ShubhAarogya has doctors and specialists using the ShubhAarogya platform to consult with our members. Medical professionals are verified before being listed on our app. Professionals keen on enrolling with ShubhAarogya can look forward to:

  • Remotely handling a new set of patients
  • Exposure to newer medical challenges
  • Opportunity to contribute to society without leaving their clinics
  • New Product Notifications and Pharma Treatment Campaigns
  • Knowledge-sharing and collaborating with peers
  • Drug Dictionary
  • Early alerts on outbreak of diseases


The 70 % Indian population that resides in rural areas, has little access to quality health care. ShubhAarogya decided to make a bold attempt to address this need. With a team, which has deep-rooted experience and exposure to the sensitivities of rural India, a comprehensive health care solution and clear revenue streams, we are confident of achieving our goal of (specify targets).

India is poised to be among the top 3 health care markets in the world with incremental growth by 2020. We believe we are well poised to achieve our dream of building a healthier and more productive India.

Investor FAQs

Who founded ShubhAarogya?

ShubhAarogya is committed to building a healthy and productive India. Since the 70 % of the Indian population residing in rural areas has little access to quality health care, ShubhAarogya has decided to recreate an affordable and quality medical ecosystem that caters to this section of society.

Who are the promoters of ShubhAarogya?

Why has it taken the company four years to start a pilot?

What are the various revenue streams for ShubhAarogya?

ShubhAarogya has various revenue streams. Patients are charged for: medical tests, doctor consultations and drug delivery. Pharma companies: Awareness and treatment campaigns, sale of genuine drugs and launch of new devices, webinars. Hospitals: Awareness campaigns Governments: Conduct surveys,

What is the ROI an investor can expect?

How much does it take to set up an E-clinic in rural India?

Do costs vary across regions?

How does ShubhAarogya plan to scale operations?

What are the most critical risks associated with the business?

Since ShubhaArogya clashes directly with Government health services and schemes, is there a possibility of a backlash? How do we safeguard the business against that?

How many employees does ShubhAarogya have? How do you plan to avoid attrition?

What are the profits made by ShubhAarogya?

Corporate Deck

Annual Report

Pharma companies & Pharmacies

ShubhAarogya has tied up with Crescent Pharma and Pulse Pharma for sourcing medicines. Our business model allows for various opportunities for collaboration with pharma companies and local pharmacies. For eg:

  • Connect with Doctors and large sections of uncovered population
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Promote treatment and health awareness
  • Access to precise market and health care analytics


If you enjoy working in an environment that continuously challenges you and nurtures your growth as an individual, ShubhAarogya is the right place for you. It gives you the opportunity for personal growth and job satisfaction. Many of our team members cherish the rare opportunity to pursue a professional career from their native villages and bring about a drastic change in the quality of human life in their own communities.

ShubhAarogya follows a five-day workweek.

Growth Opportunities

Being part of an organization doing path-breaking work in the rural sector ensures learning opportunities along with career progression. We promise our employees a unique chance to do good and feel good. Employees who absorb the distinctive ShubhAarogya culture can look forward to recognition and rewards.

Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits include a variety of non-cash payments that may include tuition assistance, flexible medical or child-care spending accounts.

Employee Benefits

Like any progressive organization, ShubhAarogya takes care of its employees with benefits like medical insurance, ESIC facilities, retirement benefits such as PF, EPF and gratuity. In addition to the standard authorized leaves made mandatory by labor laws, ShubhAarogya even allows employees to enjoy a holiday on their birthdays.

Meet some of our Employees