Sirra Raghava of Kumara deva village in Kovvur Mandal has been a diabetic for over a decade now. When she found an allergic reaction on her chest and the neighbourhood doctors could not help, she requested for a video consultation with a ShubhAarogya doctor. Dr Chandrashekhar, who she swears by now, diagnosed her problem well and cured her within a weak.

Timely Help

Vemagiri Nageshwar Rao, a 30-year-old man from Vedurupaka village in Gokavaram Mandal was complaining of a persistent cough that doctors in nearby Rajahmundry could not cure. When Mahesh Babu of ShubhAarogya organized a video consultation with Dr Harika, she suspected tuberculosis and referred him to the Government Hospital in Rajahmundry. A grateful Nageshwar Rao is well on his way to recovery and can’t stop telling everyone about ShubhAarogya.

Surgery Skip

Kamala Rayudu, a 32-year-old from Kovvur was suffering from a ear infection for over six months. All doctors, including ENT specialists, she consulted recommended a surgery. She was reluctant and kept procrastinating. When she consulted the ShubhAarogya doctor, he was able to completely cure her.