Right to Health is not a fundamental right in India. But the Constitution guarantees Indians health under various provisions under the Directive Principles. Under Article 38 , we are assured social welfare. Under Article 41 , we are assured public help in old age, sickness and disablement. Under Article 47 , we are assured Government efforts to ensure public health, benefits for the aged, sick and disabled. Article 48 promises us a pollution-free environment that will ensure good health. In addition, there are provisions for panchayats and municipalities to provide for drinking water, sanitation, family welfare, social welfare, women and child welfare.

However, none of these are justifiable. We cannot demand these as a right. The judiciary interprets the Right to Life assured under Article 21 to cover Right to Health for every Indian citizen. On paper, every Indian is supposed to have access, in an emergency, to a fully-equipped ambulance and a bed in a state-run hospital.

As per Rural Health Statistics, 2017, rural India requires 25,650 doctors at its Primary Health Centers across India to tend to a minimum of 40 patients per doctor per day for outpatient care, as per Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS). This would allow them to handle 1 million patients everyday. The Government has tried its level best to put place the required infrastructure. But with a shortage of 3,027 doctors, 1,974 PHCs are without doctors. This means that 12 per cent, or 121,080 patients, go without access to primary healthcare every day. Worse still, rural India’s health is in the hands of quacks who do not hesitate to take advantage of a person’s situation and vulnerability.

Seventy per cent of India lives in its villages. But 60 % of its 2 million plus doctors work in Urban areas leaving many rural health care centers understaffed and under equipped. Only 19 % of rural doctors are qualified as per a 2016 WHO study.

As such rural India has to cope with problems like: PHCs being closed, staff being absent, long waits, corruption, shortage of medicines etc.

The Government alone cannot handle this huge challenge. Private participation is essential. Technology solutions are essential. ShubhAarogya Healthcare Services has combined technology with feet-on-street to create an entire ecosystem to address this.
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