To build a healthy and productive India.


To provide professional and affordable Health care Services to rural households across India.

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Population Profiling

We capture healthcare profiles in line with Electronic Health Record standards set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This enables us to store various medical records that get generated during any clinical interactions or events ensuring interoperability by following certain set standards.

Medical Testing

We believe point-of-care diagnostics is the key to providing timely health care. The Swasthya Slates we use allow us to use mobile handsets to conduct 13 different medical screenings and analytical protocols. Its decision support tools allow our teams to deliver accurate and timely recommendations.

Video Consultation

Our technology allows for remote real-time visual and audio patient assessment which helps our empanelled doctors assess, monitor and manage medical issues remotely.

Conducting Surveys

Our team has the ability to conduct household health surveys which would help understand the demographics better. This could in turn be useful in the design, implementation and evaluation of public health programs.

Awareness Campaigns

Since we operate across villages and have access to many households, we have the capability to manage sustained campaigns to educate individuals and boost public awareness about health issues like alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV, smoking, malnutrition etc.

E-Prescription/Medicine Delivery

Our digital prescription software enables us to electronically transmit error-free, accurate, and understandable prescriptions to our pharmacy. This is also a very useful feature while building electronic health records. Mediciens are delivered by our pharmacist within a maximum 8 hours.

Digitized Health Records

We capture healthcare profiles in line with Electronic Health Record standards set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This enables us to store various medical records that get generated during any clinical interactions or events ensuring interoperability by following certain set standards.

The ShubhArogya solution is anchored on two pillars

The ShubhaArogya solution is a disruptive one because it has been developed to help those who do not have or have limited access to quality medical care. While the backend consists of reliable and sturdy hardware and proprietary software, the front end is a user-friendly and convenient app that can be downloaded on some of the most basic smart mobile phones.

Robust Hardware

ShubhAarogya has tied up with Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) for sourcing the sturdy Swasthya Slates, which enable the field staff to conduct 13 basic medical tests on the spot . PHFI also trains our Health Coordinators to use the Point-of-Care Diagnostic technology professionally and with precision.

Secure Software

The secure software uses telemedicine technology that allows the ShubhaArogya Health Coordinator to schedule and organize doctor consultations, maintain patient profiles, source and deliver medicines prescribed, track patient progress, store patient records and schedule follow-ups.

Convenient Mobile Platform

With just an app that can be downloaded on to their phones, the patients, doctors, specialists and pharma companies can create a complete health care ecosystem that provides remotely-based people access to end- to-end primary health care.

The ShubhAarogya feet-on-street team is the backbone of the company since it sustains the whole business. Each field worker undergoes rigorous training before being deployed.

Each Rural Health Coordinator handles five villages and schedules a visit to each village once every week and of course during health emergencies.

There is one Nursing Coordinator and Pharmacist per Mandal

Rural Health Coordinators

  • Survey villages
  • Profile patients
  • Conduct basic medical tests
  • Coordinate video consultations with doctors
  • Maintain patient records
  • Ensure drug delivery
  • Monitor doctor follow


  • In charge of the E-clinics located in each mandal
  • Handle walk-ins from nearby villages
  • Create patient profiles with all basic information
  • Administer basic health interventions like injections
  • Organize video consultations with qualified doctors

Pharmacist Coordinators

  • Manage the pharmacy attached to each E-clinic
  • Monitor prescriptions from the field
  • Deliver drugs to villages based on prescriptions
  • Manage drug stocks along with expiry dates
  • Forecast future requirements


Koti Venkata Rao


It’s as if providence had planned for KV (as he is popularly known) to prepare all his life to head an organization like ShubhAarogya Healthcare Services. A science graduate with a management degree, KV started his career as a medical representative with Alkem Laboratories. Though brief, the stint introduced him to what has today become critical knowledge in driving growth and business at ShubhAarogya. With over 15 years working in leading banks like Grindlays and Standard Chartered, , KV went on to join Sundaram Housing where his exposure to rural India began. In 2007, he joined SKS Microfinance where he led operations. A successful IPO followed by the crisis that struck the microfinance industry in 2010, he saw the company through its revival and rebirth as Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd. These years gave him a deep understanding of the Indian rural markets and the importance of being agile and responsive to operational crises.

In 2018, he joined hands with Ramesh and Nitesh to redefine the business model for ShubhAarogya Healthcare Services with a definite rural focus. KV’s professional strength is his thoroughness with execution. He is a team player and is able to motivate and drive large teams across geographies.
He is passionate about music and is devoted to his two daughters.


What does ShubhAarogya Healthcare Services do?

ShubhAarogya is committed to building a healthy and productive India. Since the 70 % of the Indian population residing in rural areas has little access to quality health care, ShubhAarogya has decided to recreate an affordable and quality medical ecosystem that caters to this section of society.

How many branches does ShubhAarogya have?

ShubhAarogya has six ShubhAarogya E-clinics in six Mandals along coastal Andhra Pradesh. We have 18 Rural Health Coordinators, 6 nurses and 5 pharmacists servicing 131 villages in these mandals.

How many states does ShubhAarogya operate in?

ShubhAarogya is presently operating in only Andha Pradesh. We will be extending services into Telengana in the next phase.

How many patient profiles has ShubhAarogya enrolled?

This is a constantly changing figure since our field staff visits each village once every week. However, to date, we have profiles of 10 % of the target population.

What is the legal status of the company?

ShubhAarogya is a closely held Private Limited company.

How does ShubhAarogya source the medicines?

ShubhAarogya has tied up with three generic drug manufacturers who supply low-cost medicine. We have procured wholesale and retail pharma licenses for medicine distribution and in-house pharmacists who manage our pharmacies and last-mile distribution of drugs.

Can rural India afford health care services?

According to Government data, 86% of rural population and 82% of urban population are not covered under any scheme of health expenditure support. Cumulatively 30% of the total health expenditure is incurred by the public sector, the rest of the health expenditure, i.e. approximately 70% is borne by consumers. Household health expenditures include out of pocket expenditures (95%) and insurance (5%). Out of pocket expenditures– the payments made directly by individuals at the point of services that are not covered under any financial protection scheme– dominate. The highest percentage of out of pocket health expenditure (52%) is made towards medicines

According to Government data, more than 17% of Indian population spends at least 10% of household budgets for health services. The ShubhAarogya model aims to make quality health care more accessible and affordable by reaching the doorsteps of rural homes and by negotiating better rates with medical practitioners and drug manufacturers.

Why would rural people use ShubhAarogya services when free government facilities are available?

ShubhAarogya services are delivered by trained healthcare professionals at patients’ doorsteps saving them time, effort and very often loss of daily wages or earnings. ShubhAarogya also helps them with instant medical testing results and video consultations with qualified and experienced doctors saving them enormous amount of time.

How are ShubhAarogya services priced? How do they compare with similar services available to rural India?

How do you ensure data security at ShubhAarogya?

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